Here's our typical caging set-up for adult leopards. For breeding we house one male with 1-2 females.

Note the components:

  • 16" x 22" x 6" - 28 quart Sterlite "blanket" box
  • standard plastic shoebox with 2" access hold in lid and 2" of moist peat moss or Vermiculite
  • jar lid of vitamin/mineral powder.  We use OSTEO-FORM SA for breeding adults - sold by KV Supply
  • 1/2 pint cup with escape-proof ring for 1" mealworms
  • 1/2 pint cup with spill ring for water
  • heated by 3" flex-watt heat tape kept at 90F all the time
This is a view of our typical breeder cage on our rack system. You can see that the 3" flex-watt heat tape is placed 2/3 back in the cage, and in direct contact, so that it offers 90F heat (controlled via a Helix Control system) 24/7 just behind their hide box and water dish, but not at the very rear of the cage where they defecate.

Additional features include a 3/16" gap between the cage top edge and the shelf above. This prevents escapes while offering the maximum amount of air circulation. 1/4" air holes made in the sides of the box. We use a soldering iron to make 18 holes per side.

Pictured left is our typical "grow out" caging configuration for youngsters


  • 16" x 22" x 6" - 28 quart Sterlite plastic box
  • shallow jar lid for water
  • shallow Petri dish with vit/min. powder for 1" mealworms
  • we use VIONATE for grow-outs - sold by KV Supply
  • #2 and #4 styro "meat" trays for hides
  • folded sheet of paper towel kept moist
  • Heated by 3" flex-watt heat tape set at 90F - 24/7

This set-up allows you to grow out leopard geckos quickly and in top health. No more than 6 geckos per cage unit should be housed past two weeks of age. Size sorting is needed weekly.

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