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Geckos by Ron & Helene Tremper


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Why Geckos?  

"The potential and variety I am able to discover in leopard geckos offers me a personal challenge and an opportunity to express my living art in a dynamic way."  

- Ron Tremper -



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UNCOMMON COMBO MORPHS POSTED:  Snow Blizzard Eclipse het DB, Stealth, Sunglow Radar, Hypo Eclipse het Radar, Blood het Rainwater, W&Y Snow Reverse Stripe Eclipse het Raptor !!  Click on Available Tab above.

If you are looking for something please e-mail me.  Many top geckos sell without ever being posted.

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Featured Morphs

The SNOW WHITE DEVIL is very impressive with two all pink eyes and pure white body.

Future Projects

In March 2008 we randomly hatched the first leopard gecko showing blue on their belly.


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