Diablo Blancos

May 6, 2007 - After three years of development, we are pleased to offer the first public sales of the DIABLO BLANCO.

It is important with any new valid morph that proper naming and a standard be carefully considered and published at the time of release.

The DIABLO BLANCO genetics have revealed three eye variations and two body color variants. At the time of this release DBs can be broken down into two categories: the Blanco and the Diablo Blanco - defined as follows......

BLANCO = The Blanco is a genetically patternless gecko with normal colored albino eyes. The preferred head, body and tail color is white. Some indivduals may have yellowish color on the body, which will be removed through the next generations of selective breedings.

DIABLO BLANCO = The Diablo Blanco is a genetically patternless gecko with partial or complete red colored eyes. As in the Raptor morph there will be Snake-eyed Diablo Blancos, with one or more eyes being 50% solid red in color. and there will be geckos with two all red eyes, which will be called Diablo Blancos (DBs). The highest form of this morph is a solid white patternless gecko with two all red eyes. Some indivduals may have yellowish color on the body, which will be removed through the next generations of selective breedings.

The “White Devil” is the result of crossing very white Tremper Albino "Blazing" Blizzard (BB) females with our best Raptor male and breeding those double het offspring together. It is not the result of crossing a pure BB with a pure BB and accidentally getting a variant of that morph with all red eyes. No BB has ever been produced with two all red eyes. I also introduced the genes for giant into the Diablo Blanco project, so many of these DBs will have above average size. The first pure DB with two all red eyes hatched in May 2006. Diablo Blanco FAQ page.

The expected outcome of my DB project breeding results for this year are as follows:

* Diablo Blancos - two all red-eyes or snake eyes
* Blancos - het for DB
* Albino Blizzards - het for DB
* Raptors - het for DB

At the time of this writing, the DIABLO BLANCO genes seem to act as a recessive trait like other albino morphs. When breeding DBs to each other you basically get what you see in the parents. The leopard gecko community is still learning the affects when body pattern and color meet eye color genes, such as seen in the Raptor variations. Such will be the case in this new morph - it is emerging science.

I have laid down the foundation genes and, by carrying the DB one more generation before release, have advanced the process towards the best white color possible. It's now up to all of you to get creative and strive towards perfection. Imagine a porcelain white Super Giant DIABLO BLANCO with two all red eyes!

(revised 4-29-07 - today, in going over the gecko's eyes, I've selected to post on May 6th, with a magnifying glass, I can clearly see some are albino blizzards=BBs.)
As expected, the double het breeding results have produced several albino blizzards (= BBs) with their typical darkening eye pigments or snake eyes. It is worthy of mention, that, out of over 130 young produced so far, only two raptor types have occurred and these have large amounts of white markings. Mathematically there should be some raptors het for DB, too, as the hatchings progress.

INCREDIBLE SURPRISES........ This project has produced some results that will change the way we think about leopard gecko genetics.
The big surprise has been that an entirely new leopard gecko morph has been unlocked from the DB genes........

Such a result is the all new Tremper Xanthic !!

Just as the Ball python breeders have discovered, I found three years ago that when certain combinations of gecko genes come into contact they release or unlock hidden genes. My original Aptor line contained a gene unlocker, which gave us the hidden gene for the all red and all black eye color of the Raptor/Eclipse morphs. That same gene unlocker has been now been passed down through the development of the Diablo Blanco giving us the yellow eye hidden gene as seen in the new Xanthic.

The Xanthic is a patternless albino gecko with eyes a startling bright yellow to rich golden in color, and all shades in between, never before seen in leopard geckos. Their golden eye is laced with the fine red lines associated with normal albino eyes. To date, I have hatched 9 of these new mutations. Most have an all white head and tail with a lemon-yellow body color combined with this new eye mutation. I have not decided when I will release the first pure Xanthics.

I never like to mention or offer a new morph until 2-3 years after development here, but in this case you should know that the DB bloodline unlocks the genes to produce the Xanthic ! It would take me another two years to isolate these new genes from the DB, so you can be in on the cutting edge of my newest creations from the beginning.

I feel it is just a matter of time before someone hatches a gecko from these new DBs with solid bright yellow eyes with a pure white or pure lemon colored body, head and tail or combination thereof - the first Super Xanthic
Producing your own SXs are not guaranteed as part of this DB offering, but getting the Xanthic genes at this time should be looked at as a huge added bonus, which demonstrates the power of the DIABLO BLANCO line and the gene unlocker it carries.
Who knows what other surprises these DBs will reveal??

(this page will be updated as needed to reflect any emerging new information.)


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  • These DBs represent the largest ones I have available from the 2007 production to date. So if you miss out on this offering please know that I do have more growing out that will be posted as they reach a good size over the next 4 months.
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(sold R.G.)

Female - 40 grams - $299.
6-7 months old


(sold H.Y.)

Female - 46 grams - $199.
10 months old


(sold A.D.)

Female - 36 grams - $199.
7 months old


(sold K.B.)

Male - 46 grams - $149.
TWO Snake Eyes
(each eye is 50% red)
8 months old

Bred here by Helene Marmignon - Ch'tis Geckos


(sold K.B.)

Male - 44 grams - $179.
TWO Snake Eyes
(each eye is 50% red)
8 months old

Bred here by Helene Marmignon - Ch'tis Geckos


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