Hollywood Ball Python Information

History........ In 2010 a wild caught male (below with normal female) came into our possession that resembled a Desert Ghost but with yellow color.  This male was test bred to several large normal females that were not het for any genetic.  All resulting F1 young from 2011 were normal in appearance - six het females were produced.   In early 2014, the Hollywood male was bred to 6 of his 6 het daughters.  As of 7-30-14, four clutches have been laid and hatched.  The results show clearly defined Hollywoods and Hollywood hets (see photos below).  It is typical that the captive-bred offspring look better than the wild caught.

4.6 Hollywood morphs and 4.4 het Hollywoods go on sale Saturday August 2, 2014 at 1:00pm Central Time.


Hollywood founder male with normal female 2011.




Recessive morph

Debuted August 1, 2014




Photo series




Clutch mates.  Hollywood recessive (above left) - Het Hollywood (above right)