We are taking orders for the Hamm Shows.  European customers will pick-up their herps at the reptile show in Hamm, Germany.  European customers can buy any gecko or colubrid snake from my webside pages.


* There will be a $75.US charge per gecko to cover the VAT, international transport, taxes, wildlife inspection fee, customs broker, domestic transport and personal delivery expenses to Hamm.  

* If you want to pay via direct bank wire/money transfer please add $10. to your total to cover the fee that my bank charges for incoming wires.  E-mail for my bank wire information.


* I will not be able to "HOLD" geckos without full payment unless you are needing a few days to wire money. Please do not ask me to hold geckos for a payment plan or otherwise. Sales are on a "first come first served" basis.

* No order is confirmed until full payment in advance is received via our secure online credit card form, Western Union or via bank wire. Please allow 7 days for bank wires to arrive. No payments will be taken in Hamm.

* Orders close 10 days before each show date.  Only geckos paid for in full will be shipped to Europe.


* I will not be at the Hamm Expos in person.  You or your agent will collect your purchases directly from a table in the main hall.

* For security purposes you will need to show Steve the identification number of each gecko and your name/photo ID . If you want to appoint a friend/agent to pickup your geckos then please send us the name and your agent will need a proof of identity, also.