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Male - 50 grams - $249.
100% Tremper Albino
8 months old - Great male for Breeding group and sales !


The ENIGMA has truly been a bit of a mystery until recent breedings could reveal its genetics and what recessive traits and which albino line it might carry. This morph is what is called a "dominant". It is not a co-dominant trait like super giant and super snow. It is an all-or-nothing situation when one breeds an ENIGMA to a non-ENIGMA gecko with the result being that 50% of the young will be an ENIGMA that carries the trait of the non-ENIGMA parent. You can not have a gecko that is "het for ENIGMA" - either it visually is an ENIGMA or it is not. ENIGMA X ENIGMA = 100% ENIGMAS.

The ENIGMA is what I would call a "morph enhancer", as it tends to increase the color intensity and affect pattern in a very nice way and displays such qualities in the next generation without having to carry out double het crosses. Many ENIGMAS are spectacular.

The ENIGMAS also can display a physical defect in the form of shaking, spinning and/or head arching. The exact reason for this behavior is still largely unknown, but it is seen to a lesser degree in young whereby only one parent is an ENIGMA. ENIGMAS bred to each other may amplify this problem. Some ENIGMAS do not display any problems whatsoever while others reveal abnormal movements only when they are disturbed.

It is possible that this problem can be bred out of this unique morph over time, but as seen in Spider ball pythons, it may be something that will always be present and not an overall health risk. In my opinion, the positive results seen in recent years greatly outweigh any downside.

2008 has been our first year working with this morph and it has been found that 100% of our ENIGMA crosses have not only survived, but have grown nicely, even when some degree of shaking was seen. Our male ENIGMA is a 100% Tremper Albino Tangerine Giant - 100% het for Blizzard.

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