Diablo Blanco FAQ

The World Debut of the Diablo Blanco......


Q) What are the genetics behind the Diablo Blanco?

A) The “White Devil” is the result of crossing very white Tremper Albino Blazing Blizzard (BB) females with our best Raptor male and breeding those double het offspring together. It is not the result of crossing a pure BB with a pure BB and accidentally getting a variant of that morph with all red eyes.

Q) Are there any variations of the Diablo Blanco?

A) Yes. From our double hets we also got Diablo Blancos with red snake eyes and Diablos with normal albino type eyes, but not one Diablo has been hatched with any of the usual darkish/black eye pigment as seen in the Blazing Blizzards.

Q) Are there really Diablo Blanco genes or it this just a mixture of a BB and raptor? Or a BB that is het for Raptor?

A) Yes, there are unique DB genes. It is no longer a BB or a Raptor. It is not het for BB or het for Raptor. Just as a purebred Pug is no longer a Tibetan Mastiff and Pekinese, which were the breeds that were used in part to form a Pug, so it is with the Diablo Blanco. You can breed pure white, red-eyed, Diablo Blancos together for years and you are not going to get BB or Raptor offspring. Those genes have combined into another unique genetic "breed" of leopard gecko. It's simple genetics.

Q) When will you post more photos of the Diablo Blancos?

A) More photos will be posted when public sales begin on May 6, 2007.

Q) What will a Diablo Blanco cost?

A) Only a limited number of Diablo Blancos will be let out in 2007, which affects pricing, but I can say now that the price will run somewhere between $1250 and $2000 each depending on quality and sex.

Q) When did these first occur?

A) The world's first Diablo Blanco, pictured above, was hatched on 5-9-06. The first photo of this new morph debuted worldwide on September 8, 2006.
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