September 13, 2014....... Our 2012 book is now out-of-print and I do not have any plans to reprint it due to printing costs and the need to put together a third volume by 2017. 

But the good news is that by purchasing my LEOPARD GECKO PRO APP AndroidiPhone and my LEOPARD GECKO CARE 101 APP AndroidiPhone you will have the essential parts of the book in hand for easy access via your smartphone or other device with FREE UPDATES FOR LIFE !!

***** “LEOPARD GECKO PRO" is a photographic reference guide to the genetic morphs of leopard geckos by the world’s leading authority on this fascinating and diverse species of lizard.


The "Overview of Leopard Gecko Morph Genetics" chapter, covers the following topics:

* A Brief History of Leopard Gecko Morphs
* Genetic Traits: Eye color, Size, Pattern, Body & Tail Color
* Combination Designer Morphs
* How to Design a New Morph
* Hybrids
* So You Think You Have Something New?
* Going Forward

Morph Photo Galleries:

* Easy access to three pictorial sections with index and convenient ‘jump links’ to every category.
* Over 130 color photos of leopard geckomorphs from A-Z with captions.
* Photos of new discoveries offered for the first time.

***** FREE Updates for life. This app platform will make it possible to add photos and update captions timelier when new information and recent discoveries occur.

***** iPad and tablet friendly versions are coming out soon.

***** LEOPARD GECKO PRO is a must for the person that wishes to discover the magic that this gecko has offered tens of thousands of followers worldwide.


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The Next Generations
by Ron Tremper
2012 - 208 pages - 200 color photos




The #1 best-selling book on the subject by the world authority. 

With my 2005 book being out-of-print it was timely to provide Leopard Geckos – The Next Generations so that all the new discoveries made in the past 7 years could be highlighted.

I have updated the essential chapters from my former book, installed a Quick Care Guide, presented the latest genetic information available, and put together a greatly expanded morph gallery of over 130 beautiful color pictures, many from other breeders from around the world.

Table of Contents

Quick Guide
Stages of Development
Caging and Rack Systems
Commercial Breeding
Effects of Temperature
Egg Laying and Incubation
Raising Juveniles
An Overview of Morphs
How to Design a New Morph
Going Forward
Photographic Catalog of Morphs