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The Super Tangelo above is the father of all our 2016 Super Tangelo offspring offered below.  He is not for sale,






(on hold Hong(k)

Female - 48 grams - $329.

6 months old

More TANGERINE will be coming in weekly !! The highest contrast albino! I think this is the last of my 2016s !!

posted 01-14-17





(sold M.S.(hk)


# 750 Male - 46 grams

# 749 Female - 34 grams

4 months old

READY TO BREED IN MARCH !! More TANGERINE will be coming in weekly !! The highest contrast albino!  I'm only letting out 8-10 of these this year.

posted 11-26-16



Since 2002 I have developed my super tangerine line of Tremper albinos to a point of becoming worthy of a trade name - the Tremper "TANGELO".

The SUPER TANGELO, is a heavy-bodied, hyper tangerine, banded Tremper line albino whereby the tangerine body color overtakes and fills in much, if not all, of the lighter body banding. The "TANGELO" has the same body shape and intense tangerine banding, but the bands do not take over the lighter body bands making for a very high contrast gecko. An additional nice genetic trait is the good amount of red eye pigment. 

TANGELOS are a color mutation and not a line bred trait. The young look like a nice tangerine banded albino at hatching and develop the extreme dominance of tangerine throughout their 8-10 months of growth.

The TANGELO was developed here and independent of all other "glow" or "hy" types, such as those using the "Flordia Strain" super hypo carrot-tail tangerine designers as their base of development. Just as there are Diablo Blanocs and Blazing Blizzards that look similar, there are Tangelos and Sunglows that may look alike, but where derived by different genetics.

It is possible that this color process is a co-dominant trait. Several years of test breedings suggest that theory likely to be true. SUPER TANGELO bred to a SUPER TANGELO gives only SUPER TANGELOSSUPER TANGELO x BANDED TREMPER ALBINO = 100% TANGELOS.

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