Definition of an Abyssinian = A paradox leopard gecko that has red vein lines in the eyes and that can express every color on the body except for black pigment. Adults have a speckled tail and often a very faded look. Some people might classify this morph as a type of albino as seen in hooked-billed birds.

Abyssinian - adult male - 74 grams - 2007
The dark spots are actually concentrated brown pigment.

Adult Abyssinian eye with some snake-eye showing.

"Abs" first appeared here in 2005 from Eclipse times Raptor crosses. Since that time we have produced over 45 such geckos, which look almost identical to each other. Any dark body markings are actually concentrated brown pigment. Rows of dark spots or banding, yellow body color and some degree of carrot-tail is typical of an Ab. Some Ab eyes may be snake-eyed with black color and still have the red vein lines in the other half of the eye.

Ab crossed to another Ab gives all Abs. An Ab crossed to an Tremper Albino gives all Abs - het for albino.

This morph tends to be a "genetic enhancer" as it may unlock very nice and unusual pattern and color combinations when bred to other morphs, even in the first generation. I have test bred the Abs for 3 years and it is now time to put it out for everyone to work with and improve. There is so much yet to be learned about leopard geckos.

Ab times Eclipse Snow cross. An unique unbroken lavender stripe Snow.

Ab times Eclipse Snow cross. Nice colors with black snake eyes and speckled tail.

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(on hold H.Y.)

Female - 50 grams - $159.
7 months old

Two Snake Eyes with the classic red vein lines in the eyes that all ABs have

posted 01-31-15





(sold Rio)

Male - 108 grams - $249.
11 months old

Two Snake Eyes with the classic red vein lines in the eyes that all ABs have

posted 01-21-15




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