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Geckos by Ron & Helene Tremper 


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Why Geckos?  

"The potential and variety I am able to discover in leopard geckos offers me a personal challenge and an opportunity to express my living art in a dynamic way."  

- Ron Tremper -



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UNCOMMON COMBO MORPHS POSTED:  Snow Blizzard Eclipse het DB, Stealth, Sunglow Radar, Hypo Eclipse het Radar, Blood het Rainwater, W&Y Snow Reverse Stripe Eclipse het Raptor !!  Click on Available Tab above.

If you are looking for something please e-mail me.  Many top geckos sell without ever being posted.

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Featured Morphs

The SUPER RAPTOR is very impressive with two all pink eyes and pure white body.

Project City

Fantastic genetic combo projects for 2015 and beyond !


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